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Juhana Jauhiainen
Hi, my name is Juhana Jauhiainen
I'm a software developer experienced with React, JavaScript and Python and I write on web development, testing and growing as an software engineer.

Latest posts

How to type an object with exclusive-or properties in TypeScript

How can we define a type for an object, which has some required attributes and some attributes, of which one and only one must be defined?

Advanced Django queries

Django Framework comes with a powerful ORM and query capabilities built-in. If you're only familiar with the basics of Djangos Query API, this article will introduce some more advanced queries and methods you can use.

How to use a cache busting filename with webpack

If you're using a custom webpack config, you'll want to make sure the filename has a cache busting suffix.

Convert an array to a map in JavaScript

Sometimes it's useful to convert a array to a map for convenience or performance reasons. But how can we achieve that so that the resulting code will be easy to understand?

Hidden gems of the Chrome DevTools, Part 2: CSS tools

In the second article of the series, we take a look at some of the CSS and layout

Creating layouts with CSS grids

Grids are a powerfull feature of CSS but they can be a little overwhelming at first. In this article, we'll go through some basic concepts of CSS grids and learn how we can use grids to build layouts.