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Juhana Jauhiainen
Hi, my name is Juhana Jauhiainen
I'm a software developer experienced with React, JavaScript and Python and I write on web development, testing and growing as an software engineer.

Latest posts

Dynamic aggregation fields in Django

Aggregation is a powerful tool when working with data in Django. With it you can have your database summarize or convert data into the format you need.

How to search files from Azure Blob Storage using Python

Searching for files using index tags is a common use case but the Azure documentation can be quite hard to grasp.

What are template literal types in TypeScript?

Template literal types are a powerful feature of TypeScript that you might not have heard of.

How to implement useMediaQuery hook in React

Media Queries are a CSS feature that can be used to conditionally apply selected styles on an HTML element. Some examples of media queries include checking for the width of the browser window, checking for the media type (print, screen), or checking for dark/light mode preference.

Basics of React server-side rendering with Express.js

If you want to develop SEO friendly and fast websites with React, you have two choices: server-side rendering (SSR) or static site generation (SSG). But how

Use Model Manager to filter queryset by default

How can you filter a queryset by default so that no matter where you use the model, the filter will be applied?