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Juhana Jauhiainen
Hi, my name is Juhana Jauhiainen
I'm a software developer experienced with React, JavaScript and Python and I write on web development, testing and growing as an software engineer.

Latest posts

Use Model Manager to filter queryset by default

How can you filter a queryset by default so that no matter where you use the model, the filter will be applied?

Should you use React.FC to type your components?

The consensus in the React community now seems to be that, you should avoid using React.FC. But why is that?

Why you should use the URL to store state in your application

It seems we have, in the web community, collectively forgotten the role of the URL in storing the state of our application.

What are HTTP cookies

A HTTP cookie is a small piece of data that a server sends to a user's web browser. The browser may then store the cookie and send it back to the same server with later requests.

How to make TypeScript understand Array.filter

If you've ever used Array.filter to filter a list to certain type of items, you've probably been hit by TypeScript not realizing what type of items your list contains after filtering. To fix this, you can use user-defined type guards.

Why Docker is eating your disk space

Have you ever had your server disk space exhausted by Docker? Is it happening right now? What can we do?!