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Small projects for learning the Rust programming language

Inspired by some of Jon Gjensets Rust streams and videos I decided to start learning Rust (again!). I've previously read part of the Rust book but never started any projects with it so I didn't retain much of it.

This time I decided I'll go through the book but I'll also create a repository with increasingly difficult practice problems to solve.

So far I've come up with the following list of problems

  • Hello World
  • Factorial calculation
  • Reverse a string
  • Count vowels
  • Fibonacci sequence
  • Next prime from N
  • Credit card validator
  • Calculator
  • Base64 encoder & decoder
  • URL encoder

I've completed a few of them already and they can be found at my Github

Some of my solutions are quite hacky but I've decided to ignore that for now. Basically I just want to get to code with Rust because I think I learn most when I'm banging my head to a wall trying to solve a problem 😅

I plan to add to the list of problems until I feel comfortable to start a bigger project with Rust.